Is WSRO-AM 650 Testing Its Modest Power Increase?

A Joseph Ross
Mon Jun 16 01:07:59 EDT 2014

On 6/15/2014 1:20 PM, Dale H. Cook wrote:

> > or highway construction info
> That is generally not Part 15 - it is generally Travelers Information Service (TIS) which is a licensed service under Part 90, where they operate with a coverage radius limit of 3 km and a TPO limit of 10 watts. I have never been through a construction site operating Part 15, but have been through many operating Part 90, whose transportable transmitters are generally distinctive because of their antenna length, which can be up to 15 meters. I almost always dial in a Part 15 or Part 90 operation when I come across one.

Is that also "Tunnel Radio," which operates in certain long tunnels?

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