WPNI, 1430, Amherst, MA

Rob Landry 011010001@interpring.com
Fri Jun 13 07:22:07 EDT 2014

On Fri, 13 Jun 2014, A Joseph Ross wrote:

> On 6/12/2014 4:13 PM, Scott Fybush wrote:

>> WUMB never promoted the simulcast in any way, and my recollection is that 
>> they didn't even include WPNI in their own lengthy legal ID; instead, an 
>> automated system at WPNI dropped the ID in over the WUMB audio.

> So it sounds like they never found a buyer.

They did find a buyer: Brian Dodge. But the FCC has not approved the sale. 
They haven't rejected it; they're apparently just going to let it sit in 
someone's in-box and gather dust.

If I were Pamal, and my pending sale were treated that way, I'd consider 
legal action. This is after all supposed to be a government of laws, and 
if the FCC has a problem with Brian Dodge's fitness to be a licensee they 
should make a formal ruling to that effect. I should, after all, be 
allowed the opportunity to seek another buyer; as things stand, the clock 
will run out in December and the license will evaporate.


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