Globe Mag: "Aereo Wants a TV Revolution..."

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild
Thu Jun 12 13:44:42 EDT 2014

There is an article by Scott Helman in the 8 June 2014 edition of 
/Globe Magazine/, pp.19-23, “Air Waves”;  Online version:

           “Aereo wants a TV revolution, if
            the Supreme Court will let it”

This article seems to give a little more insight into the nature 
of Aereo’s unique antenna system—perhaps the key sentence of 
interest for us radio geeks:

      > The company’s top engineers designed tiny antennas
      > that they could group by the thousands at so-called
      > antenna farms, nearly all on leased space on rooftops.
      > (The Boston farm sits atop an industrial building in
      > Somerville.)
        > Aereo collects TV signals at rooftop antenna farms;
        > this one in Somerville serves all Boston area subscribers.

Anyone recognize the location?


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