The WORST English-Language Radio Show Ever?

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jun 11 18:40:44 EDT 2014

Some people date the beginning of radio as we know it to the 1920 election results on KDKA, 
Pittsburgh;  others believe there were even earlier broadcasts  receivable by hobbyists 
in the 1920s, maybe earlier.  Anyhoo, from whatever time and place radio began until now,
it's possible that the "Dr. K" show heard on WUFC-AM 1510 in Boston from 6:00 till 9:00 am
weekdays may be the WORST English-language show ever!  After MILL-YUNS and MILL-YUNS of 
radio shows spanning almost a century, from conglomerate-owned big-footprint stations in
big cities to graveyard stations in rural communities, this may be the nadir of radio!
And that takes into account the days of Simon Geller doing the WVCA station ID: W-V-as-in-victor-C-A,

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