Looking for honest answers on this

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 01:33:59 EDT 2014

I use tunein now more than I should but it just works in my home office.

Here is a prime example on how the internet changed everything. 30 years
ago when I was working in Chicago, WBZ was my link to New England. The
Globe would show up 3 days later but BZ kept me up to date.

Several of you posted that you flee to Sirius/XM when a station loads up on
commercials. That really sums up the industry dilemma.

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> AM/FM Clock Radio Bedside
> stuck on 1030
> AM/FM/CD Player in the Car
> XM Radio at Work
> On-Line Apps, only when out-side of New England
> Bill - N1KUG
> Boston, Mass
> Cruise Ship Frequencies
> http://scanmaritime.com/
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> Here we are in the year 2014.
> How many of US ( radio geeks) still listen with terrestrial receivers?
> When you can hear a station clearly online why bother listening to what
> maybe a challenged signal,
> I am guilty of this and it bothers me.
> Discuss please

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