WHMP-AM 1400/WHMQ-AM 1240/WHNQ-1600/W245BK-FM 96.9

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sat Jun 7 08:13:56 EDT 2014

On 6/6/2014 11:09 PM, Dale H. Cook wrote:

> That, then, is what happened. Why? I cannot say - the only apps on
> the site are for the two most recent renewals. All I can guess is
> that Saga had another station on the same or an adjacent frequency
> for which they wanted to increase power, move the transmitter site,
> or change frequency, and WHNP had to drop power and go to to
> daytime-only to make that happen.

The answer is actually even simpler: it wasn't worth the money to keep 
maintaining a four-tower DA for very limited night service, so they 
dismantled the DA and dropped down to a single tower, ND. That's all.


"1600 used to be a four-tower array at this site on Fisher Avenue barely 
a mile from the Connecticut state line, but it gave up its 5000-watt 
day/2500-watt directional night signal a few years ago to downgrade to 
daytime-only status with 2500 watts from the one remaining tower next to 
the studio building here. "


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