New 1510 talk format to launch next Monday

Bob Nelson
Tue Jun 3 07:36:08 EDT 2014

Not sure how much money they can make via national or local advertising, or
maybe they have deep pockets somehow. Till the next LMA or different format
comes around...CC had WXKS from March of 2010 (the effort was announced in
Jan of 2010, right around the time of the Scott Brown special election) and
it ended in Aug of 2012, I believe.

Two and a half years...slightly longer than the period CC had prog talk on
both 1200 and 1430 (Oct 04 to Dec of 06). CC is very deep in debt and while
they wanted to get their Premiere shows on the air here (Rush, Hannity,
Beck, Jason Lewis) and did get two local hosts (Katz, Severin) they had to
ultimately pull the plug.

I don't know how much Santos paid to rent out WWZN (at the time) for
progressive talk including his own local show. Wallis is gambling big bucks
on this, and if it's all syndie no local it could be low cost but low
return. Someone noted (on a messageboard) that "Mass. libertarians are even
more scarce than Mass. Republicans". Well, technically there are more
people registered as "Unenrolled" in the state than as Republicans, and
some may be conservative or libertarian-leaning. But how many would tune in
to 1510, with that signal? Even if it were a 50 kW _FM_ right in town,
would it work? And that amount of rent for the towers--whoa.

Wallis may have deep pockets, but how deep? And how much money can be made
via national or local ads for shows like Glenn Beck? I do know Rush makes
$59 million per year or so, with his 600 or so affiliates...not sure how
much money Beck's show brings in. As for the other shows, will it work out?
I may be curious to see what this "Dr K" show is. I heard of the Alex Jones
show when they had Charlie Sheen on, spouting 9/11 conspiracy theories. A
year ago according to Politico, Beck was heard calling Alex Jones "a crazy

Here's the website for the Laurel, MD station they have. Something similar
will probably show up in a week or so when they launch:

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> If a station like WUFC (with a limited signal)
> can make a very small profit on a very tight budget, well, that's the best
> they can hope for.
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> How can they do that with $23,000.00 per MONTH in rent, just for the
> towers?
> ---BB

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