New 1510 talk format to launch next Monday

Bob Nelson
Tue Jun 3 06:47:13 EDT 2014

Indeed--one of many such format changes for 1510 over the years, and don't
expect WBZ or WRKO to be quaking in their boots. Wallis Communications
operates WILC in Laurel, MD, and four months ago today started
"conservative talk with a more libertarian emphasis" (Wikipedia) there. The
motto "Where Liberty Has a Voice" will be used on the LMA-ed WUFC as well.

Will it get ratings? Probably not much. Make money? Who knows--with a
syndie lineup like what I mentioned. Clear Channel tried it with WXKS 1200
but pulled the plug after a couple years. After comedy and the "gaffe 1200"
stunt, they went to an LMA of Bloomberg Radio. We know CC is deep in debt,
and wanted to cut losses. If a station like WUFC (with a limited signal)
can make a very small profit on a very tight budget, well, that's the best
they can hope for. It may be more of a political agenda for them; who knows.
WUFC can come in half decently in some places by day at least (for me 1200
also wasn't too bad, even at night) but a lot of the signal goes out to the

AM's limitations due to interference and pattern changes/ lowering power,
etc. is well known. I have had major interference (electrical) problems
listening to WRKO in places like Rt 114 in Middleton and, yesterday, Rt 22
in Wenham, Hamilton, and Essex. The old "simulcast on FM" (like on a
translator) has been tried. WGAN was not only simulcasting on a station in
Biddeford on 1400, but they also recently added a translator in Portland to
get on FM: 105.5. Their site has a logo: "Newsradio WGAN --FM 105.5 & AM
560" Note which one they put first. But will an FM simulcast solve their
ratings and earning woes?

At work I listen to WRKO on the WEEI-FM HD 2, on a portable HD radio. (Or
on a smartphone via tunein, but it eats up data, which is limited). In N
Reading WRKO comes in fine in some parts of my workplace, only on the
workroom floor, machinery wipes it out. "Ancient Modulation". Anyway, will
the new format do much for 1510? Like you said, "wake me if they get a

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 6:25 PM, Scott Fybush <> wrote:

> On 6/2/2014 4:25 PM, Bob Nelson wrote:
>> @bostonradio passes along via a tweet that the new talk format for WUFC
>> 1510 will be launched next Monday, June 9. I asked if there was a press
>> release with further details and he just said, no, only the launch date.
>> A month ago it was mentioned they would run Dr K, Glenn Beck,
>> Jay Mohr, and Alex Jones and we'll see if they (general manager is Bryan
>> Berner) have any further details a bit later. Mark S. says once he knows
>> the lineup he'll pass it along,
> Wake me up when they break a 0.3 with that lineup.
> (I expect to have a nice long nap...)
> s

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