FM translators when AM parent station is off the air

Dale H. Cook
Sat Jul 5 21:16:15 EDT 2014

At 11:53 AM 7/5/2014, Matthew Osborne wrote:

>Isn't there a rule on the books where, if a primary stations goes off the air, any translators must shut down also?

There is, but for classes other than D the wording is a bit vague. 74.1263 (b) states "An FM booster or FM translator station rebroadcasting the signal of an AM or FM primary station shall not be permitted to radiate during extended periods when signals of the primary station are not being retransmitted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, FM translators rebroadcasting Class D AM stations may continue to operate during nighttime hours only if the AM station has operated within the last 24 hours."

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