Radio Disney

Kevin Vahey
Sat Jul 5 21:27:04 EDT 2014

Disney seems quite happy with only owning stations in the top markets and
serving the rest of the US via satellite and internet.

It is a loss leader for them with the goal of having the parents taking the
kidlets to Orlando or Anaheim.

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> Subject: Radio Disney and remote appearances
> Yesterday my wife and stopped by the Fourth of July carnival/fireworks in
> Clifton Park NY (15 miles north of Albany) and I was shocked to see a van
> for Radio Disney AM 1460 doing an appearance there.  To clarify for those
> of you outside the Capital District of NY, Radio Disney shut down and sold
> off AM 1460 (formerly WDDY, now WOPG Albany) in January of this year.  It
> has carried a Catholic religious format since...
> Does anyone know why Disney even bothers doing remote appearances like
> this in places where it doesn't even have a local affiliate?  I know of
> another instance of them doing an appearance like this; they were at the
> Lilac Festival in Rochester NY a year or two ago, and Rochester has never
> had a local Radio Disney affiliate.  I talked to one of the promotions
> assistants working the event, and they told me they had been sent up from
> New York City for yesterday's event.  Is this a case of the event being
> booked and reserved before the local shutdown/sale, or does Disney have
> some other marketing plan at work here?  Sending people up and back from
> NYC for something like this cannot be cheap...
> Matthew Osborne
> Rotterdam, NY

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