Clemons wants to go on legally

Sun Apr 20 02:03:05 EDT 2014

> Obama got involved in one of his friends in Boston was arrested why won't
> he get involved in this?

Because this will set a precedent and pirates #'s will grow like a mushroom 
overnight in every major city.

This is the part that the pandering policitians don't understand.

If they press for Touch 106.1 to be able to continue broadcasting under the 
guise of free speech or community radio...or simply that they "are doing 
good things"....then it opens the door for pirate operations in every major 
city to do the same.

And once this gets out of will be federal marshalls every day 
raiding someome's operation somewhere.

The part that gets me is that CLemons can blatently lie to the 
public....with inpunity.

I think this is the first time he has said that Touch was 
unlicensed....otherwise he has been telling people, he is a legitimate 
low-power operation, that his call letters are WTCH-LP (dig the "LP" he 
added for "legitimacy"), that he has an application "pending".

No one has asked him the importatn questions about why the laws don't apply 
to him....and if they don't apply to him, do they apply to anyone?  WHat if 
someone set up an in-town pirate operation on 106.3?  Can any station (like 
Touch) run any power they deem necessary?

ANd the last question...."Why have you continually lied over the last 8 

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