Clemons wants to go on legally
Sat Apr 19 14:22:48 EDT 2014

Obama got involved in one of his friends in Boston was arrested why won't  
he get involved in this? The black community needs a station? What about the 
 Chinese, Cambodian, Hispanic, etc Communities? 
If Touch gets a license anyone that can afford an attorney and take their  
case to federal court will have  license also. 
In a message dated 4/19/2014 12:00:26 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Umm, why  would President Obama do that?  He is first and foremost the  
president, and getting involved in the problems of one station in one  
community would not be a wise move for him.  As for the FCC, they  have 
not been very proactive about public service or serving one's  community, 
or else the five giant conglomerates that dominate much of  radio would 
not be simulcasting the same programs in city after city and  doing NO 
(or minimal) local programming to the communities that make them  so much 
money.  Frankly, while I agree that the black community needs  a station 
that is live and local, I have a difficult time feeling sorry  for Mr 
Clemons, who used his station to promote his own bid for mayor, and  who 
never even paid the fine he was assessed way back when the FCC first  
contacted him about his pirate station.  Radio Free Allston got taken  
off the air much faster than Touch 106-- and RFA also distinguished  
itself for doing wonderful public service for its community; yet it was  
ordered off the air, and that was the end of it.  Mr. Clemons is not  
being persecuted. He has a number of supporters in important places, but  
he also could get a group together and buy a small station-- which I  
have not seen him even try to  do.

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