Clemons wants to go on legally

A Joseph Ross
Sat Apr 19 02:24:26 EDT 2014

On 4/19/2014 12:32 AM, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> There are few things (other than the courts, or Chuck Schumer) that 
> can make the FCC act on a pending application if it's not inclined to 
> do so.

Other members of Congress can influence them, and we have a few who 
might be interested in trying. to help a minority-comunity station. I'm 
thinking, for example, of Congressman Mike Capuano, who I believe may 
now represent that part of the city and who now has a majority-minority 
district and might be motivated.  Or possibly Governor Patrick, if he 
chooses to follow up on his criticism of the FCC's actions, might talk 
to the Congressional delegation.  He also has another in, should he care 
to use it.  He and President Obama have been friends since before either 
of them sought elective office.  I think a call from the White House 
might move the FCC.

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