Radio Discussion boards

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Mon Sep 16 09:00:32 EDT 2013

In their defense, I have an email address contact for some Radio
Discussions Board "Help" and have recieved a reply within a day, if not
hours of emailing when I had a few issues.

But yeah, I gave up on the board.. hard to read and couldn't easily find
all the features i was looking for.

On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 6:14 AM, Dan.Strassberg <>wrote:

> A few days ago, in a private message, I complained to the moderator
> (moderator may be the wrong title) of the RD Boston board about exactly
> this problem. I suggested that, if he were not the right person to field
> such complaints, he should forward my message to the right person. I have
> not heard word one in reply. Very few people have the time or energy to
> learn the intricacies of how to use new software to perform functions that
> existing software had been performing satisfactorily for several years.
> From my viewpoint, has become a flat-out disaster. Is
> there another board that one can join as a substitute for R-D that does not
> require such a long learning curve? If so,I would welcome suggestions.
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> Anyone else notice how dead...dead...dead Radio Discussion Boards have
> become, is no one going there anymore?
> I realize the changes are clumsy, hard to read and navigate but it has to
> be more than that.

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