All Xmas All Ready

Tue Nov 26 14:08:00 EST 2013

>> Does "flipped" mean a mix or 100% xmas songs?  Indeed, the 106.7
>> playlist seems to be 100%.  But to do that on 11/6?  6+ weeks of
>> nothing but xmas songs?  That's just nuts; doesn't it drive folks away?

When stations start on 11/6 or early November, they may indeed take a bit of 
a hit in the ratings for those first couple of weeks.

However, it is "offered up" for the greater benefit of being deamed "THE 
Christmas Station".  And one gets that moniker by being the first to change 
and the buzz it creates in any market.

Here in Boston, we are lucky we didn't have 2 stations trying to beat each 
other to the punch.

Flipping to Christmas the week of Thanksgiving is not too bad.  ;-)

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