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Laurence Glavin
Sun Nov 24 13:50:30 EST 2013

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> >Excerpt: >But Scott Fybush, a public radio journalist in Rochester, N.Y., has been making a side living since 2001 printing a calendar chock-full of beautiful shots of ... radio and television >towers. >"Yes, you read that right," announced a snappy press release. "Prettiest radio towers." >I thought it was a joke. But it's a real business. In his best year, Mr. Fybush sold 1,000 calendars, to radio enthusiasts all over the world. He usually sells about 800.
 A friend of mine who has a summah house on Cape Cod is a lighthouse geek. He has calendars, photos, artistic renderings
of lighthouses, blowups of photos he himself had taken whle visiting lghthouses. The last time I visited his house there,
I brought along a Tower Calendar to show him that there are other things that people obsess about ( cats for example of course)
I turned to the page showing the AM 1150 and old 100.7 FM tower on Route 2 in Lexington that he recognized from his travels.

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