Comcast nitwits

Chris Hall
Mon May 27 01:18:16 EDT 2013

Once again am having trouble with some of the broadcast channels having little or no right channel audio, at this moment it is 
WBZ-TV 4  sometimes WSBK 14 and WPXG  which appears on channel 15. This has been a problem that keeps reappearing and in past desperation 
I had to call the CE of ION Boston who contacted his Comcast inside source to fix the levels on their fiber receiver terminal as none of these
stations are received over the air at Comcast head ends any more.
Talking to a brick would get better results than trying to explain the problem to anyone at Comcast, they all want to set up
a service call for a problem affecting one or two channels out of hundreds. No wonder cable bills are outrageous when the send tech out to every subscriber when the problem is clearly at the head end.
When it was Continental or later AT&T if you persisted they would put you through to the system CE and a head end problem was resolved
immediately, they seem to give their “service specialists” zero rudimentary information as to how cable TV works.....the last one I talked
to did not know what I was talking about when I said no stereo right channel know the crap that come out of the right side speaker...
its like a an ear bud only the speaker is a gigantic and does no fit in your ear.  He had absolutely no idea what stereo is or what I was talking about.

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