Real Names of Disc Jockeys

Mark Watson
Sun May 19 20:34:26 EDT 2013

Bill Welch wrote:

>A real on air name that was truncated  was Mass >Broadcasting Hall of Fame 
>inductee Phil D  from WHYN AM. His full name >was Phillip G. Drumheller. 
>Now owner of  WIZZ Greenfield.

Phil D. also does a live morning show on WIZZ.

Another truncated name in Merrimack Valley radio: Nick Diamond, who worked 
at WLLH in the 1970's and now hosts a brokered Greek show on WCAP on 
Sundays, real name Nick Diamontopoulos. Another one from WLLH from 1976 to 
1980, Michael B. (real name Michael Baltoumas). He used his real name when 
he first started but when one of the news people there mispronounced his 
last name a couple of times and then just one night after a newscast decided 
to throw it back to "Michael B with more of the valley's best music". 
Shortly after that Mike decided to use the Michael B on air name. Currently 
Michael B. is known as Michael Burns, overnights at WMJX and host of Sunday 
Morning Country Oldies on WKLB.

Mark Watson 

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