Real Names of Disc Jockeys

Fri May 17 12:55:38 EDT 2013

On 5/17/2013 2:31 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Professor Halper - Maxwell Richmond may have been loathed by all that
> worked for him - but he should be in tsigbhe Mass HoF.

 >> I agree.  He won't get in this year, but there's a good chance for 
next year.  He was seriously considered, in fact.

I have to agree. The man was a bastard but he did know his stuff. Well, 
up to the very early '70's anyway. First job I was ever fired from. LOL!

A couple of other real names:

Ron Robin of WMEX/WBZ is Ron Polcari.
The late Bud Ballou's (WMEX/WVBF) real name was Dudley Ballou.
Bobby Wayne (WMEX overnights in late 60's) is Jack Mitchell

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