WBNW picks up two Cumulus shows (Imus, Batchelor)

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sun May 19 13:10:46 EDT 2013

I wonder how much CCU would want for WKOX (1430). Combine it with WBNW, WPLM
(AM), and WESO, and you'd have pretty good coverage of the entire market by
day but still very poor coverage at night. Even though the WBNW transmitter
site sits on Superfund land, I doubt whether the neighbors in snooty Concord
would accept the idea of moving one or more of the WBNW towers, much less
adding a tower. And I can't see a way in which the 1120 night signal in the
western suburbs could be improved without such work. Also, Armstrong doesn't
seem interested in spending money on WBNW's facilities.

Note, however, that this latest deal means that Armstrong has teamed up with
both Entercom (WRKO simulcasts WBNW for a few hours each weekday) and
Cumulus. What's to say that he couldn't also team up with Bloomberg and CCU
and strike some kind of deal to also simulcast WBNW on CCU's AM 1200?

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> WRKO is billed as the only all talk station in town but another station is
> adding more talk content, at least picking up two shows from Cumulus. WBNW
> 1120 in Concord adds Don Imus (6-8 am) and John Batchelor (9p-1 a,
> formerly
> at WRKO and WTKK) starting tomorrow, according to
> http://www.bostonradiowatch.com Imus of course had been at WEEI then WTKK.
> WBNW also has Michael Graham as part of a small network and I believe they
> run an hour of Jeff Santos as well.

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