Real Names of Disc Jockeys

Bob Nelson
Thu May 16 03:10:28 EDT 2013

Gerald Jacoby = Jerry Williams (was a DJ in past). Ed Hyson of WBCN:

On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 12:52 AM, A Joseph Ross <>wrote:

> On 5/15/2013 5:06 PM, Donna Halper wrote:
>  While researching something else entirely, I found a fascinating little
>> article in the Boston Herald (10 February 1956) that said Stan Richards
>> (then of WORL, plus he hosted Totem Poll Matinee on WBZ-TV, if memory
>> serves) was changing his name legally to his professional name.  It said
>> his birth name was Richard Goldberg. And it said he was changing his
>> family's names to Richards as well.  I never knew Stan Richards was once
>> Richard Goldberg.  That set me to thinking of other disc jockeys and their
>> real names-- Arnie Ginsburg really was Arnie Ginsburg and he never changed
>> it. But there were so many d.j.'s who used "house names" (a million Dan
>> Donovans and Johnny Darks) or who tried to make their name sound less
>> ethnic.  Norm Prescott was Norman Pransky, yes?  I believe Bill Marlowe was
>> originally William Moglia.  Others that come to mind?
> Bill Buchanan, when he wrote a radio column in the Daily Record, used to
> like to reveal the real names of DJs.  There was an Arthur McTigue (sp?),
> who, he said, was both Dan Donovan and Kevin O'Keefe.
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