WNNW-AM 800 FM Translator News

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Wed May 15 15:13:22 EDT 2013

Today's FCC applications include a request by Costa-Eagle Broadcasting, owner of WNNW-AM 800 and its
translator (some "translator"; all the programming is in Spanish just like the AM) W275BH-FM 102.9 to
provide both a horizontal and vertical ERP 0f 250 watts averaging 450-ft HAAT over 360 degrees with a
directional antenna protecting WLLO-LP 102.9 in Londonderry, NH (20 miles away at 280 degrees azimuth,
or NNW...hey wait a minute...the AM's calls ARE WNNW!). The fix to the current DA pattern does a better
job of covering locales due north and all the way around towards Woburn and thereabouts. I wonder if this
CP application could be denied if WLLO-LP objects. What recourse does a low-power FM have with regard
to a translator?

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