OK, This Is A New One

Chris Hall chris2526@comcast.net
Tue May 7 23:56:12 EDT 2013

According to Scott’s Tower site of the week before the Detroit Motower  (560 WHND) WKY was the tallest AM in the country with a Franklin at 961’ rebuilt after a tornado took the original, they add two additional short towers for the nighttime array, I did see the original when it was WKY AM-TV
As for WNAX, info from Scott and Garrett’s trip the 570 tower is 27’ shorter than WKY at 934’ There has been a very interesting turn
of events at WNAX, it appears they have dumped the 5 kilowatt night DA array and reverted to their original 1 KW NDN pre regional upgrade status
of the late 30’s back to non directional though now they have a slight power increase at 1250 watts

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