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I don't know whether WNAX 570 in Yankton SD has ever boasted on the air
about its tall tower (190 degrees at 570 kHz; used daytime only when the
station operates with 5 kW ND; WNAX uses three shorter towers at night for
its 5-kW DA-N operation). But, from what I've heard, WNAX's daytime tower,
which I believe is self-supporting, USED to be the tallest AM tower in the
US (910'). AFAIK, no FM or TV station shares the tall tower with WNAX.

Some years ago, the WNAX tower lost the tallest US AM tower bragging rights
to a station on 560 in Monroe MI, south of Detroit. At night, the MI
station, which has had many call signs over the years, now shares a
TV/communications, and maybe FM and/or TV tower known as the Mo-Tower,
in--IIRC, the Detroit suburb of Southfield MI. The Monroe station runs 13W
ND into a skirt (AKA, Folded Unipole) on the nearly 1000' tower, which
likely allows pretty good coverage of Detroit, given the good soil
conductivity in that area. Whether the Monroe station has ever mentioned the
height of its nighttime tower on the air is another story, though. I'd guess

When WHLI 1100 in Hempstead NY (Long Island) first signed on as a 250W
daytimer around 1947 or 1948, it used to tell its listeners at each station
break that it had Long Island's tallest AM tower--315' above seal level. Of
course, what WHLI meant was the tallest tower of any AM station licensed to
a community on Long Island. At that time, the towers of what was then (I
think) still WEAF New York City were in Port Washington Long Island, 15 or
so miles north of Hempstead. As a Class IA station on 660 kc, WEAF must
have had towers significantly taller than 315' but probably not the 800+ ft
that would have been required for full compliance with FCC efficiency
requirements for a Class I AM on 660.

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