D. A. donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Mon Mar 25 23:00:43 EDT 2013

> There seems to be absolutely no market in Boston for
> hard-core political opinion talk radio.  So why would a
> company like Clear Channel decide that's what they should do
> with their new $14 million baby?

Because clearing Beck, Hannity, etc...allows them to charge more for the spots on a network level.  Right now they have no Boston clearance.  And network shows have to be in the top 10-15 markets.  

> Clearance?  You mean they spent that money so they
> could clear a few more Gold Bond Powder ads to a handful of
> 60+ listeners?  

Spend what money?   No, more like a few more dollars for Ford, GM, Geico, P&G, AT&T, etc.  It would be on FM, so it is assumed that the listeners would be much younger than the typical AM talker.  

Getting clearance for network programs is usually a high priority up the corporate chain.

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