Capstar wants WTKK calls

Bob Nelson
Sat Mar 23 02:22:31 EDT 2013

What I meant was more stations switch to sports nationwide and political talk fades. Sports reaches more demos including younger, and ratings aren't everything. Bloomberg 1200 will reach older folks...who have money. Sports does well here and if it didn't, 1510 would be running anything from poli. talk to oldies to business to ethnic. 

And CBS/Cumulus and NBC/Dial Global the new kids on the block in sports networks are aggressive in getting affiliates and selling ads to those currently fascinated with college basketball "brackets". More sports, to make more money, coming to TV too with FoxSports1.

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>>FCC digest says, "A request for WTKK dated 03/20/2013 has been filed >by CAPSTAR TX LLC." 1200 didn't work out for them but 101.7 has the advantage of not being on the Ancient Modulation dial. Still political talk is fading, sports talk continues to rise (wouldn't think they'd flip it to Fox Sports though). "Sports talk continues to rise"? Tell that to CBS's KFNQ-AM 1090 in Seattle!'s website offers the raw 6+ rating for all reporting stations in Seattle and KFNQ does NOT appear. But their summary of ratings DOES include radio station cumes, and KFNQ appears under that metric, and their totallistenership wouldn't fill Fenway Park; not eve close. The fact tha KFNQ's cume does appear but not its raw rating tells me that the rating would be available if it were anythig close to decent. Here inthe Boston area, WEEI-AM's cume is abysmal. WUFC AM 1510, the former WWZN, recently added a couple of local shows, probably on a time-bartered basis. Maybe you or somebody could listen to these shows fora while and ascertain whether these hosts are giving out a phone number and getting any calls at all.

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