Capstar wants WTKK calls

Bob Nelson
Fri Mar 22 13:45:37 EDT 2013

FCC digest says, "A request for WTKK dated 03/20/2013 has been filed

That's Clear Channel, right? My first instinct is that these calls may
be headed, if they get them, to another talk
station CC may own, elsewhere. The signs don't indicate CC would want
to try talk again here, and 101.7's signal is
limited (plus Evolution just got started a few months ago), and
there's an older audience for talk (but in some ways
still desirable).

1200 didn't work out for them but 101.7 has the advantage of not being
on the Ancient Modulation dial. Still
political talk is fading, sports talk continues to rise (wouldn't
think they'd flip it to Fox Sports though). Given the luck
CC had with 1200 even with the "improved signal", I'm not so sure
they'd flip 101.7 yet again, this time to talk.
Probably meant for another market. But there is that very, very, very
distant possibility.

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