FDR Fireside Chat Reference In Scott's Tower Calendar

Attorney Chase attychase@comcast.net
Tue Mar 19 13:27:14 EDT 2013

What Holder said at Northwestern was:

"The conduct and management of national security operations are core functions of the Executive Branch, as courts have recognized throughout our history.   Military and civilian officials must often make real-time decisions that balance the need to act, the existence of alternative options, the possibility of collateral damage, and other judgments - all of which depend on expertise and immediate access to information that only the Executive Branch may possess in real time.   The Constitution's guarantee of due process is ironclad, and it is essential - but, as a recent court decision makes clear, it does not require judicial approval before the President may use force abroad against a senior operational leader of a foreign terrorist organization with which the United States is at war - even if that individual happens to be a U.S. citizen. "

Essentially he is saying that if the United States dropped a bomb on Radio Tokyo during World War II to stop propaganda directed at our troops and in the process had killed Tokyo Rose (a U.S. citizen) we would not have had to get judicial approval. Seems appropriate to me. The key word is abroad. I actually applaud Rand Paul's filibuster to get Holder to state that his remarks did not apply to citizens in the territory of the United States. Of course it might have been easier on Paul's vocal cords if he simply had read the remarks rather than listen to the talk radio "commentator's version." And it has everything to do with who's covering the story, ever since the abrogation of the fairness doctrine, what passes for discussion and information on radio is now mostly diatribe and may I say, usually dribble.

The problem with this "terrorist war" against Al-Qaeda  is that they respect no national boundaries, they bring their war wherever and whenever they can, be it Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, England, Spain, etc. and as we have seen, even in the United States. Make no mistake about, they have declared war on the United States.

This conversations on talk radio would not have happened during the Bush II administration for two reasons. First, his supporters are the one who are raising the issue now on talk radio for political purposes and second, apparently he was so interested in getting Saddam for attempting to assassinate his daddy he didn't bother to go after Al-Qaeda. 

N.B. Neither side gave the other due process as they tried to kill each other at Gettysburg. 

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> "Not to digress too far but can you give some examples? (re "And today our president goes down the exact same road with an exactly opposite reaction...one gigantic yawn" ) You aren't referring to the opinions expressed on the Fox (so-called) News Network are you?"
> This has nothing to do with who's covering the story.  The president has arrogated to himself via executive order the powers of judge, jury and executioner, by deciding that he and he alone can decide to have American citizens killed, without judicial review, in the name of fighting terrorism.  The attacks on his position have come from all sides, justifiably so.  Whatever happened to "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law?"

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