Haitian Pirate Raided

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Thu Mar 14 04:03:28 EDT 2013

They may have raided and shut down the "parent" 
station of this pirate in Brockton, but the 
"repeater" for it that came on the air a few
weeks ago, also on 91.7 in Dorchester, is still 
on the air.

I can hear it in Somerville, and when I listened
for a while a few weeks ago, it was "advertising"
events in Brockton and simulcasting the 91.7 there.

Apparently, the Dorchester "repeater" can continue
broadcasting even with the "parent" shut down.

It's cutting out the fringe signal of WMWM Salem
anywhere south of the Tobin Bridge, and someone
reported that it was adjacent channel splashing
WUMB around the Blue Hill Ave - American Legion 
Highway - Franklin Park area of Dorchester. It 
must be right around there to do that, because
WUMB's signal from their Quincy transmitter is
actually fairly strong there.


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