Is WILD-AM's Audio Problem At The Source?

Fri Jun 7 16:02:51 EDT 2013

At the top of the hour at 3PM...I heard them doing "City News".

And a couple of the stories were:  "WCVB reports that....."

Is there a local host reading stories?  If so, where are they loctaed from?

(Or is this someone in China pulling up stories from


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>I scanned the dial recently and 1090's audio wasn't too bad--still low but
> better than before. What got me was when they first started they would 
> have
> a couple in-studio hosting and a reporter or something would be calling 
> in.
> You'd hear the reporter half decently but the in-studio hosts were 
> faint...
> On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 5:15 PM, Laurence Glavin <> wrote:
>> I was viewing a Dave's TV commentary at DCRTV via, and
>> something he said startled me. He was scanning the
>> AM dial in DC and its suburbs, and when he stopped at 1190, WCRW-AM 50K
>> from Virginia but oriented toward
>> the Washington area and appealing to the Asian population there, Dave
>> remarked that the raw signal coming in
>> was satisfactory, but he couldn't hear any audio. They follow the same
>> format as WILD-AM 1090 in
>> Boston, serving as a rebroadcaster of programming from China Radio
>> International. If you've ever tried listening to
>> China Radio on WILD-AM, most of the time you'll experience a seemingly
>> dead carrier unless you pump it up.
>> But if Dave is right, and the same problem afflicts WCRW in the DC area,
>> could this problem be with the source and
>> not at WILD? This format has been on WILD-AM for a long time, so it seems
>> as though management of
>> WILD would alert China Radio about the problem, but who knows?

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