Is WILD-AM's Audio Problem At The Source?

Laurence Glavin
Thu Jun 6 17:15:50 EDT 2013

I was viewing a Dave's TV commentary at DCRTV via, and something he said startled me. He was scanning the
AM dial in DC and its suburbs, and when he stopped at 1190, WCRW-AM 50K from Virginia but oriented toward
the Washington area and appealing to the Asian population there, Dave remarked that the raw signal coming in
was satisfactory, but he couldn't hear any audio. They follow the same format as WILD-AM 1090 in
Boston, serving as a rebroadcaster of programming from China Radio International. If you've ever tried listening to
China Radio on WILD-AM, most of the time you'll experience a seemingly dead carrier unless you pump it up.
But if Dave is right, and the same problem afflicts WCRW in the DC area, could this problem be with the source and
not at WILD? This format has been on WILD-AM for a long time, so it seems as though management of
WILD would alert China Radio about the problem, but who knows?

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