A couple of things

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>RIP Jean Stapleton who portrayed that dear soul Edith Bunker >Tonight PBS ran a show on Burt Bacharach, (flipping back and forth between the Bruins game) I came to the realization that his era >and the wonderful performers that sang his songs through the 80’s were pretty much the end of music with any romantic connotation >Recent music talks about Ho’s b...ches and an alternative song of the recent past has lyrics I just want to rip your f.....g heart out, we’ve come a long way >in such a short time.
I'm assuming that since you watched one post season spectator-sport playoff game, you're likely to watch another,
viz, a National Basketball Association game coming up I believe Monday or Tuesday night. I'll be watching
Chris Hayes (somebody has to) and Rachel Maddow. So i wonder if you would do me a favor and take notes to
see if the officiating favors the team ABC and ESPN would prefer playing for the championship.

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