Herald Radio launches Aug 5th - Jeff Katz and Michael Graham signed up

Sid Schweiger sids1045@aol.com
Mon Jul 29 16:45:11 EDT 2013

"I'm also an old fogie as well (53), but this dog definitely learned some new tricks. In my car, my Bluetooth-enabled smartphone connects up instantly to my stereo, so all I have to do is start up whatever app I want to use to play Internet radio (like the one the Herald recommends), and I'm off to the races.OTOH, I'm in the computer industry myself (I manage the engineering networks at Dell in Nashua), so I'm probably an outlier on the "old people don't like new stuff" bell curve…"

Gotcha beat...62 here, and also doing lots of streaming at home and in the car.

It may appear "cumbersome" to us, and in some ways it is, compared to using a radio, but remember:  Young people literally live with their phones.  Smartphones are rapidly becoming a one-stop for everything and are changing people's lives (and the radio business) in ways we haven't even begun to imagine.  Streaming music and/or radio out of them is as natural to the young'uns as listening to Arnie Ginsburg or Larry Glick on the radio was to us.  Remember:  Our grandparents could never have conceived, when they were young, of listening to music that wasn't being made right in front of them.  Music coming out of a piece of furniture (the size of old radios back then) was an entirely foreign concept.

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