Herald Radio launches Aug 5th - Jeff Katz and Michael Graham signed up

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Uh, a cell phone with the appropriate app and a dock?

Or, for the car, a cell phone with the appropriate app + connection to your car stereo (bluetooth, aux in, cassette adapter)?

This is aimed at the driving/listening-at-work crowd that uses iDevices and Androids.


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> Anyone have any recent, credible figures for listenership to streaming audio
> vs OTA radio in the Boston market? If so, can you share? In my personal
> experience, streaming simply is WAY less convenient (the PC--even though
> it's a laptop--is WAY less portable than a radio). The PC is encumbered by a
> zillion wired connections to peripheral devices (external hard drives,
> document scanner, printer, DVD drive, etc). I have several radios that are
> just, well, radios. Is Wi-Fi sufficiently ubiquitous that you can just plug
> a Wi-Fi "radio" into an ac wall socket (or put a battery inside) and expect
> to tune in any of hundreds of streaming Internet "radio stations"? And what
> company provides the Wi-Fi service and how much (if anything) does the
> service cost per month? Can you buy an "Internet Radio for Dummies" book
> from Amazon.com? If no such book yet exists, seems like it is sorely needed.
> All of the Internet "radios" I've seen advertised appear to assume that 100%
> of the potential buyers just know the answers to all of the myriad
> connectivity questions. No way is that so.
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>> Hey Howie has another option :)
>> Jeff Katz will launch a morning drive news talk show that will lead
>> into 12 hours of live broadcasting each weekday.
>> There will be four shows in all, including “Live from the Newsroom
>> with Jeff Katz,” “Morning Meeting with Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary
>> Chabot,” “The Michael Graham Show” and “Sports Town with Jon
>> Meterparel and Jen Royle.”
>> - See more at:
>> http://bostonherald.com/business/media_marketing/2013/07/herald_internet_radio_to_get_boston_connected#sthash.hnpEiB3K.dpuf

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