No Rating At All For WEEI-AM?

Tue Jul 16 08:38:27 EDT 2013

Putting the antenna on the side of the tower closest to the market's major
population centers doesn't always put the strongest signal on the side of
the tower where the major population centers are. Sometimes,
counter-inuitively, the strongest signal shows up on the side of the tower
that you would think would be shadowed by the tower. My late friend Frank
Toce discovered this when he built an FM in Oswego NY. He was forever
answering questions from technical types about why he had put the antenna
on the "back" of the tower. More astute questioners would ask how he
managed to put a stonger signal into the CoL than that of his competition,
whose tower was a short distance away and whose ERP and antenna height were

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>> Switching 97.7 to WEEI would solve the signal hole - but how badly
>> would that hurt WAAF?
> That actually is not true in my opinion. I'd say pretty confidently that
> 93.7 is a better signal on most of the south shore than 97.7 is. Even in
> Brockton, 97.7's COL, the signal won't stop on seek at times, even on a
> car
> radio. This is probably due to being mounted on the north side of the
> tower
> up there on the blue hills. This was a completely different story back
> when
> 97.7 was located in Abington.
> Jeff Lehmann
> Hanson, MA

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