1570 & 1580 AM Skywave?

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sat Jul 13 14:33:25 EDT 2013

1570 is probably the station in a Montreal suburb--Laval, maybe. The calls
have changed so I don't know them. I believe the power is 10 kW-U (probably
DA-1). 1580 is somewhere along the north shore of Lake Ontario (east of due
north of Rochester NY). I think the station used to be on 1350 but when the
50-kW Class A signal in Chicoutimi (CBJ?) went dark, the 1350 (or whatever)
station applied to move to 1580 with considerably less than CBJ's 50 kW-U.
The application was granted and 10 or so years ago, the station moved to

Oh, and 1570 right here in in Beverly MA operates at night with some minimal
power. If you were close enough to the transmitter (on the campus of
Endicott College), that's likely what you were hearing. Most of the
programming is in Spanish.

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> Late Night I am hearing Oldies on both 1570AM and 1580AM (Clearance
> Clearwater Revival, "How Long" by Ace, etc.)
> Anyone know what I might be hearing in the Boston suburbs at night?
> Thanks!

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