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This is not directly related to the message to which I am replying--but it's
not entirely unrelated either: Several weeks back, WCAP was reported here to
be running at reduced power, especially at night. At one point, however,
there was, IIRC, a message here that stated that WCAP was back to full power
(day and night). Yesterday (7/12/2013), WCAP's day signal was loud and clear
here in Arlington Heights. I can't say whether it sounded louder than before
the problems that caused the temporarily reduced power, but that's a
possibility. Last night, however, I would say that the signal (which,
normally, would be stronger here at night than by day) was extremely weak.
Was WCAP again operating with reduced night power yesterday? If so, was this
the result of a recurrence of the problem that caused the reduced-power
operation a few weeks ago? Or was there a different reason? (For example:
"Dan, are you sure you were tuned to 980?")

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> WCAP (980 Lowell) is noting on FB an audio quality upgrade. Curious as to
> the extent to the work performed.
> I won't be back in the area for a couple of weeks.
> Bill O'Neill
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