Jen Brien gets WBZ (AM)'s overnight gig five nights a week for the next year (at least)

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>>>> Independent fact-checkers have shown he is
>> That is, if you actually believe there are independent fact-checkers
> As a skeptic, a researcher, and a professor, I don't "believe" much of 
> anything.  But I have found that by cross-checking such generally 
> reputable sites as and and and 
> Washington Post Factchecker, you can usually find some accurate 
> information.

And the "information" you will find and glean is filtered through what you 
think is important and relevant.

> I know some of my conservative friends have a belief (an unfounded one, as 
> it turns out) that the folks at snopes are "liberal"-- 
> they are not. One has been a registered Republican and the other is a 
> Canadian emigrée who has generally considered herself an independent. 
> That said, fact-checking is worth doing, and the sites mentioned are the 
> least partisan I have found.

Keyword: "least".

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