Jen Brien gets WBZ (AM)'s overnight and Louise Morgan query

Tue Jul 2 14:18:03 EDT 2013

I'm quite sure, though, that the old WJIB (FM 96.9) had far more listeners than WCAS(AM 740) did--even on its (that is, WCAS's) best day.
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  > In a similar sense, why did Mr Bittner grab the call letters WJIB for 
  > 740? The "Memories"
  > station has been using memorable call letters from the past...

   I once heard him mention on LTAR that, at the time, the WCAS call 
  was also available, and I thought that had he become WCAS, he might have 
  gotten some people to at least give a listen to his station who might 
  not have otherwise.

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