Station IDs (Was Re: WBUR's L-O-N-G Station ID)

Garrett Wollman
Wed Feb 27 22:47:49 EST 2013

<<On Wed, 27 Feb 2013 14:45:36 -0800 (PST), Bill Dillane <> said:

> The station was originally WMMW-FM, Meriden.  It later became WBMI
> in Meriden until 1971.  It then became beautiful music WKSS, with a
> move to Hartford.  I can't remember when the station started IDing
> as Hartford-Meriden, but usually when a station adds a larger city
> to an ID, the original city is mentioned first (like WWYZ Waterbury,
> Hartford).  Don't know how the Hartford-Meriden thing happened.

WWYZ is a completely different animal.  The city listed on WWYZ's
license is "Waterbury", period.  On WKSS's, however, it says

There was a time when the FCC explicitly allowed stations to have
multiple communities of license.  This was abolished long in the past.
(I suspect this was no later than the time of Docket 80-90, but
haven't checked the old rules to see.)  The station had to meet the
community-service rules as then existed for both communities, but in
exchange was allowed to have its main studio in either one.  Of
course, both communities had to be mentioned, and if you go back far
enough, mentioning any other community as a part of the station ID was

Sometimes, channels were allotted to hyphenated communities (e.g.,
"Albany-Schenectady" in New York), but this meant that an applicant
could choose either city, and was used more in television than radio


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