WBZ Weather on the 10s no more

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 11:03:05 EST 2013

They probably stick to top and bottom of the hour only during the talk
hours, maybe only just the TOH. By the way WEEI was mentioned; I think
one of the things they did when they converted to sports radio years
ago was get rid of any traffic reports or weather forecasts. And
certainly no newscasts, just sports headlines. One notable exception
was on 9/11 when I they were running ABC News coverage of the disaster
in NY (and later, elsewhere).

Years ago Steve Leveille used to do things like the lottery numbers
and a brief sports update at the bottom of the hour.

Those with satellite radio have channels for various cities doing 'T&W
together'; in our case
Boston shares time with Pittsburgh and Philly on one channel. Boston
is one past the
hour. (btw am recording some WNBP for a friend, actually off their
webstream, and I guess
they are now running "NBC News Radio" (Dial Global) at the top of the hour.

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