Is WBOQ Only NOW At Full Power? -Natick

Robert Sutherland
Mon Feb 4 00:59:44 EST 2013

The FCC 60dBu contour for the CP is closer to Natick,
I suggest try again.  I believe it should be improved,
tho not greatly: the new pattern kinda rotated nw (around an
axis to Boston),  and did not add any interference to WRBB's
60 dBu countour!
   I did a overlay map of FCC 60dBu contours for WBOQ old,
new (cp), and WRBB.  If anyone is interested in a copy
(jpg, ~789k, 5 mi scale), contact me out of group.

Bob Sutherland

> Ron Bello posted
> I used to receive a very listenable signal in Natick from WBOQ but in the
> last month not so

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