Is WBOQ Only NOW At Full Power?

Ron Bello
Sun Feb 3 21:01:35 EST 2013

I used to receive a very listenable signal in Natick from WBOQ but in the
last month not so

On Tuesday, January 29, 2013, Laurence Glavin wrote:

> The official announcement that WBOQ-FM 104.9 was utilizing its new tower
> and transmitting facilities in
>  Topsfield, MA was a few weeks ago. On a few occasons, when I checked the
> signal-strength indicator of
>  my primary music system with FM reception, I observed I was getting
> different readings at different times,
>  on one occasion, while WBOQ was providing no broadcast content (the only
> modulation might have been
>  the stereo carrier) during the overnight, the signal seemed to weaken,
> then get stronger and back again while
>  I was watching it. Now, today (Tuesday, 01/28) the signal is noticeably
> stronger than it has been, about equal
>  to WBMX-FM 104.1 and WROR-FM 105.7 running 50K-equivalent from Boston and
> route 128 respectively. I'm
>  guessing that they were working on the transmitter before going to full
> output. In the past few weeks,
>  there have been observations by those living in the Boston/Cambridge area
> that WBOQ's signal was
>  actually lower than before, even to the point of helping WRBB's coverage
> from Northeastern U.

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