Michael Graham to be on WCRN, 3 other stations

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Mon Feb 4 14:45:10 EST 2013

There was a similar brokered show with Chuck Morse (conservative opinion) and for awhile he even had
 a liberal co-host to debate him and they called it Fair and Balanced or something. It aired on stations
 like the ones mentioned. WNSH even had it for awhile.

 I know what you mean about how Graham now has to buy time. I don't have a problem with Santos buying
 time, it's just kind of odd the lack of success he's had (maybe you're right about the content) or prog.
 talk in general (commercial, not non-commercial) in New England. There are only 2 progtalk stations I
 know of, in Brattleboro and Bangor (the latter bankrolled by a zillionaire horror author) but yes at least
 the likes of Graham were thought to be good enough to be NON-brokered time. Now that has changed.
 Talk stations of all kinds are taking their lumps lately, changing often to sports (Seattle, Portland OR,
 Charlotte) or other formats.

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