Michael Graham to be on WCRN, 3 other stations

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Stu Taylor, a building contractor in Lexington, has been buying time from
Armstrong (and before that, from Alex Langer) for years. His program
(11:00AM to noon M-F on WBNW, WPLM, and probably WESO) has NOTHING to do
with his contracting business or home repairs or remodeling. It's an hour
for Taylor and the occasional caller to vent their spleen against the Obama
socialist conspiracy.

BTW, the good news about all of this right-wing brokered time is that it
ought to give Bob Nelson pause before he makes fun of Liberal talkers (such
as the execrable Jeff Santos) who have to buy time for their programs. And
Santos, at least, has a good excuse for having to buy time to be heard--his
programs are dreadful! I obviously disagree strenuously with just about
everything Taylor and Graham have to say, but their programs (or at least
Graham's program) used to be thought of as good enough to be on the air on a
major station (WTKK) without the need for brokered time. Now we find Graham
having to resort to brokered time in order to be heard.

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>> And he is obviously paying/brokering the time for himself.
> Why is it obvious he is paying himself.
> I don't think Graham is that dumb.

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