Michael Graham to be on WCRN, 3 other stations

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WBNW and WESO are owned by Financial entrpreneur Barry Armstrong. (Armstrong
was born and raised in Canada but, AFAIK, is now a US citizen, so I believe
he has transferred ownership of WBNW/WESO from his wife, Susan, who was
always a US citizen, to himself.) Armstrong also LMAs WPLM (AM) for most of
each week. I believe that WCRN is owned by the Carberry family and that no
portion of it is owned by Armstrong.

A lot of the programming on WBNW and WESO is brokered time. That is also
true of some of the programming on WCRN, which finally seems to have found
its niche in brokered time, a business model to which the Carberry clan is
no stranger.

I think there is a good chance that Graham is buying the time for his
program on WBNW, WESO, WPLM, and WCRN. It would be interesting to know
whether, in WPLM's case, he is leasing the time from Armstrong who leases it
from the Campbell family. I think it's likely that Graham has not gone
directly to Ms Campbell, and is therefore not saving a few $$$ by cutting
out the person in the middle. If that's so, Graham must have high hopes for
strong sales of his program--even though it will run opposite Limbaugh on
WRKO and will lack a strong signal that would cover Boston and the close-in
suburbs. The most likely possibility for that would seem to be WROL.

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> It was announced today that starting next week former WTKK host
> Michael Graham will be on noon to 3 pm
> on WCRN AM 830 Worcester along with WESO 970 Southbridge, WBNW 1120
> Concord, and WPLM 1390
> Plymouth in what is being called the New England Talk Network

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