Is WBOQ Only NOW At Full Power?

Sun Feb 3 16:26:19 EST 2013

Doesn't WROR 105.7 transmit from the Pru--and hasn't it done so for at least a decade--or however long most if not all of Greater Media's five Boston-area FMs have transmitted  form a multiplexed antenna atop the Pru? But WROR may not use the multiplexed antenna, even if it does transmit from the Pru. If memory serves, WROR is slightly directional, which would necessitate its having its own antenna.
Dan Strassberg
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   Now, today (Tuesday, 01/28) the signal is noticeably stronger than it has been, about equal
   to WBMX-FM 104.1 and WROR-FM 105.7 running 50K-equivalent from Boston and route 128 respectively.

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