"Boston's Real Jazz" WZBR 1410 on air

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Great report, Mark, but what's NL? I don't think you meant Newfoundland, 
which, AFAIK, is NF and could well be what you meant. I thought NL was Nuevo 
Laredo (Mexico), which must be 2000 miles away. Is that what you _really_ 
meant? Really?

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>I attended a Christmas party with former co-workers at a restaurant north 
>of Boston today (18 DEC) and during my drive back and forth I noted a 
>station with jazz music on 1410.  The station did not identify at the top 
>of the hour (e.g. 11 a.m.) but finally around 11:10 a.m. a male announcer 
>ID'ed as "Boston's Real Jazz, 1410 WZBR".>

> Mark Connelly, WA1ION
> South Yarmouth, MA

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