"Boston's Real Jazz" WZBR 1410 on air

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Thu Dec 19 01:14:08 EST 2013

On 12/18/2013 8:48 PM, Mark Connelly wrote:

> I attended a Christmas party with former co-workers at a restaurant 
> north of Boston today (18 DEC) and during my drive back and forth I 
> noted a station with jazz music on 1410.  The station did not identify 
> at the top of the hour (e.g. 11 a.m.) but finally around 11:10 a.m. a 
> male announcer ID'ed as "Boston's Real Jazz, 1410 WZBR".  Music was 
> about 80% instrumental 20% vocal.  A number of jazz styles were played 
> covering from '40s up to contemporary hip-hop / jazz fusion.  This is 
> the former WMSX channel (WOKW if your wayback machine is set to 1961 
> or so).  The station was formerly sited in Brockton but has now been 
> relocated about 12 miles north to be more of a rimshot Boston market 
> station.  It is licensed to Dedham, MA and actually transmits from 
> just over the line in Boston's Readville / Hyde Park section 
> (42.23472° N, 71.13694° W).  Day power is 610 watts, night power 25 
> watts.

I seem to recall someone (Scott Fybush, I think) noting some years ago 
that the only AM station within the Boston city limits was WBZ's 
auxiliary transmitter on Soldier's Field Road.  I guess now there's another.

Interesting to see another AM music station.  I wonder how long it will 

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