Breaking News!?! Sorry WCVB, I don't think so....

Paul Anderson
Sun Dec 8 18:42:45 EST 2013

> I hardly think that is "Breaking News".  Whoopie, someone won a game.  Give
> me a break - Breaking News is something important.  Please refrain from
> sending drivel as Breaking News.
> Am I wrong list?

This is why I don’t sign up for any news to be pushed to my phone.

A championship game?  Sure, send a message.  Well, maybe.  It’s sports news, not real news.

But I’ve heard people complain about relatively unimportant news events being tagged as “breaking news” on their phone.  I guess the stations mimic their on-air newscasts, where there seem to be many “breaking news” stories.

My favorite is “new at 11”.  Why should it matter, if I’m hearing a story for the first time, whether it’s “new” or not?


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